IT Infrastructure and Data Center consists of all components that somehow play a vital role to manage overall IT and IT-enabled operations. From internal business operations to developing customer oriented IT or business solutions. Monitor and Manage them like Tech-Pro. Unified Network Management System - One stop solution for IT infrastructure, Data Center, NOC, Integrated Command and Control Center, National Operation Center to De-centralized location and even Cloud too !!

Unified NMS Solutions

A dedicated hardware integrated with software requirements. For Data Center, NOC (National Operations Center), IT core Infrastructure, IT services, and operations.

HAWK M World's 1st unified NMS IoT Device. A new breed of NMS Solution.
A plug & play device to monitor and manage your Core IT Datacenter Infrastructure, Services and Security.


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Other Series - X & Live

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Version - HMV-22.01

Hardware & BIOS - See

Model - P1L2x32, P1L2x64, P2L2x64

P1L2x32, P1L2x64, P2L2x64
Web Global Check

Track Web performance for Intranet and Internet both. Monitor your Websites, Url's availability like a pro. Inside Out, security check with response timeline graph.

Get Set Managed

Manage devices from secured console with enhance quick terminal management capabilities. Go beyond the limitations.

DCIM (Infrastructure Mgmt)

Standalone, Distributed, Private cloud, across country Unified Assets management in mere 4 Forms. Cables, License(LMS), Commissioning, De-commissiong, PUE, Environment(EMS),Top View, Auto discovery, schedule and,many more in one click.

Self Monitored- IoT Device

Smart self monitored IoT Device. Help you to take action proactively before bad happenings.

Performance & Utilisation

An enterprise choice, Hawk helps to increase performance of your IT, Non-IT, Wireless, OT, IIoT4.0 enabled Infrastructure. Truly Beyond the limits!

24x7x365 Support

For your critical mission environment and operations. We are available 24x7 through Toll Free helpline and Tech Support.

Reports on Time

Now get essetial custom reports on a click. Get Comprehensive Audit report just like that!

Hawk Scanning

Nothing can hide from Hawk eye. Get holistic alert at one stop and manage them automatically with ticket System. KPI help you to track performance of Infrastructure, application, and services.

DC View

View a dynamic simulation of your server room / Data center. No need to visit physical anymore. Manage your connectivity and power status from your seat.

Personal monitoring

Personalise your desire to focus Monitoring! Get insigth of every impact curiosly with your important focus area instantly.

Downtime Nightmare

No more downtime for applications any more. Take auto-corrective actions with tailored resolutions.

Team Sync

Get team of operation, technical and Infra in sync with In-built ticketing (IMS), Manage your SLA effectively with auto alert on mail, SMS, Monitoring Alert & Notifications. Easiness in daily updates.

Change Management

What, when, by whom! Keep track report of access with Dual secured ToTP & approval system. Less chances to mishappenings and unauthorised access.

Time is less!

Manage alerts & notification with manual/auto mode. Saves time for your team. Helps productivity with performance.

SSL Management

Manage your critical business access points securely always. Yes, Websites/Portals/InternalURLs! It could be main stream of your business.

Alert & Notifications

Get Notified with categorised SLA-Severity alerts. Through Mail, SMS, Interactive Monitoring. Take remedial action with Hawk. Never miss important notification next time.


Manage large enterprise environment with Hawk orchestrator. Bulk-patch, multiple config setups, Review last changes! Whether upload your files or write instant instructions. In a single click.


Websites, portals, Webservices are now under monitoring. Response, User, Country, SEO, Vunreabilities, BOT attacks, CDN Analysis and many more..